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Enrich your precious metals collection with the 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle, a fractional yet iconic coin that proudly represents the enduring patriotism and exceptional craftsmanship of the United States Mint.

IRA Eligible: Yes

Mint: United States Mint

Design: The 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle features a timeless design, with the obverse showcasing the iconic depiction of Lady Liberty by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The reverse proudly displays a family of eagles, symbolizing the strength and freedom of the United States. This classic design, first minted in 1986, has made the American Gold Eagle one of the most recognized and cherished gold coins globally.

Mintage: Crafted with precision and care by the United States Mint, these 1/4 oz gold coins adhere to the highest quality standards, making them highly sought after by collectors and investors.

Metal Type: Made from .9167 fine gold, ensuring a purity level of 91.67%.

Weight: Each coin is a fractional yet substantial 1/4 troy ounce, making it an accessible and versatile addition to your precious metals collection.

The 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle is a prime choice for those who appreciate the patriotic significance and exceptional craftsmanship of gold coins. Its IRA-eligible status adds to its appeal, offering a secure investment option for your future. Whether you’re a collector, an investor, or someone who values the enduring spirit of the United States, this gold coin allows you to own a fractional yet symbolically meaningful piece while adding the timeless allure of gold to your tangible assets, making it a cherished addition to your holdings.

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Weight 14 oz

1/4 oz