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Mint: United States Mint

Design: Own a piece of American history with the $10 U.S. Gold Liberty PCGS60—a classic gold coin minted by the United States Mint. This coin features a timeless design on the obverse side, portraying Lady Liberty adorned with a crown of stars. The reverse side showcases a majestic eagle in flight, representing freedom and strength.

Condition: Graded as PCGS60, this gold Liberty coin exhibits noticeable wear but maintains distinct details, offering a piece of history in its original condition.

Metal Type: .900 fine gold (90% pure)

Weight: 0.4838 troy ounces

The $10 U.S. Gold Liberty PCGS60 is not just a valuable investment; it’s a tangible piece of American heritage. Struck with .900 fine gold, this coin captures the spirit of liberty and freedom. Graded at PCGS60, it bears the marks of time while preserving the historical significance that makes it a sought-after addition for collectors and investors alike. Whether you’re a numismatic enthusiast or a discerning investor, this gold Liberty coin adds a touch of history to your precious metals portfolio.

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0.4838 oz