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Mint: Various Mints (1921)

Design: Relive the echoes of the past with the 1921 American Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS64, a numismatic relic that captures the essence of the early 20th century. The obverse features Lady Liberty, her noble profile adorned with a crown of wheat and cotton, symbolizing the agricultural richness of the United States. Flip the coin to reveal the powerful image of an eagle, wings outstretched in triumph, clutching arrows and an olive branch.

Grading: Graced with a PCGS64 (Professional Coin Grading Service 64) grade, this coin stands as a testament to its excellent condition, preserving the historical charm and character of these silver dollars.

Metal Type: Immerse yourself in the historical composition of 90% silver and 10% copper alloy, a blend that harks back to the monetary foundations of the United States during this pivotal era.

Year of Issue: Minted in 1921, this Morgan Dollar is a tangible link to the post-World War I period, a time marked by social and cultural shifts.

The 1921 American Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS64 is not just a coin; it’s a glimpse into the evolving tapestry of American history. From the aftermath of the Great War to the dawn of the Roaring Twenties, these silver dollars circulated during a time of societal transformation. Graded as PCGS64, each coin encapsulates the enduring craftsmanship of the various mints that contributed to its creation. Hold in your hands a tangible piece of the past, an exquisite Morgan Dollar that whispers tales of a nation forging its destiny in the early 20th century.

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