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Numismatic Legacy: 1986-2022 1 oz American Silver Eagle Set of 38 Coins

Design and Features:

Embark on a comprehensive journey through numismatic history with the 1986-2022 1 oz American Silver Eagle Set, comprising 38 coins that have become enduring symbols of American heritage. Each coin in this set represents a year in the acclaimed American Silver Eagle series, known for its iconic designs and enduring popularity.

Key Features:

  • Includes 38 coins, one from each year spanning 1986 to 2022.
  • Each coin weighs 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver.
  • Varied designs on the obverse and reverse, showcasing the evolution of American Silver Eagle artistry.
  • Legal tender with a face value.
  • Ideal for collectors valuing a complete set of these renowned silver coins.

Diverse Designs:

The set showcases the evolution of the American Silver Eagle series, featuring diverse designs on the obverse and reverse. The obverse typically displays the iconic Walking Liberty design by Adolph A. Weinman, while the reverse features the heraldic eagle design by John Mercanti. Over the years, variations in finishes, mint marks, and special editions contribute to the richness of this comprehensive set.

High-Quality .999 Fine Silver Composition:

Crafted from 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver, each coin in this set reflects a commitment to high-quality standards. The pure silver composition ensures both the enduring value and intrinsic beauty of these coins.

Ideal for Collectors:

The 1986-2022 1 oz American Silver Eagle Set of 38 Coins is an extraordinary addition to any collector’s portfolio, offering a complete journey through the evolution of the American Silver Eagle series. Whether you’re an experienced collector seeking a comprehensive set or a newcomer intrigued by the beauty of silver coins, this set stands as a testament to the numismatic legacy of the United States.

Numismatic Legacy:

Own a piece of numismatic legacy with the 1986-2022 1 oz American Silver Eagle Set. This comprehensive collection not only celebrates the beauty of each individual coin but also encapsulates the rich history and artistry that have defined the American Silver Eagle series over more than three decades. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a passionate enthusiast, this set is a distinguished and valuable addition to your precious metal holdings.

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