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$2.5 U.S. Gold Liberty LP

Mint: United States Mint

Design: The $2.5 U.S. Gold Liberty LP, struck by the United States Mint, is a historic and cherished piece of American numismatic history. The obverse features the iconic image of Lady Liberty, a symbol of freedom and resilience, encircled by thirteen stars representing the original thirteen colonies. The reverse showcases a majestic bald eagle, America’s national bird, along with the coin’s denomination and the motto “In God We Trust.”

Mintage: Produced by the United States Mint, the $2.5 U.S. Gold Liberty LP has a storied mintage, making it a sought-after and valuable addition for both numismatists and collectors of American coinage.

Metal Type: This coin is struck from a composition of 90% gold and 10% copper, reflecting the historical standard for U.S. gold coins. The $2.5 Gold Liberty LP contains a net weight of 0.12094 troy ounces of pure gold.

The $2.5 U.S. Gold Liberty LP encapsulates the enduring spirit of American freedom and is a testament to the nation’s numismatic legacy. Minted by the United States Mint, this coin carries the weight of history and the timeless symbols that define the American identity. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a patriotic investor, the $2.5 U.S. Gold Liberty LP is a remarkable piece of American coinage history, representing a bridge between the past and the present in the world of precious metals.

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