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Design and Features:

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of numismatic excellence with the prestigious $20 U.S. Gold Saint NGC/PCGS MS67 coin. Struck at a U.S. Mint facility, this coin features the iconic Saint-Gaudens design and boasts an exceptional Mint State 67 (MS67) grade from either NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) or PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service).

Key Features:

  • Denomination of $20 U.S. dollars.
  • Struck with precision at a U.S. Mint facility.
  • Showcasing the iconic Saint-Gaudens design.
  • Legal tender and a piece of American history.
  • Authenticated with a Mint State 67 (MS67) grade by NGC or PCGS.

Iconic Saint-Gaudens Design:

The obverse of the coin features the timeless Saint-Gaudens design, a masterpiece in American coinage. Lady Liberty, confidently holding a torch and an olive branch, radiates grace and freedom. This classic design has enduring appeal, making it a coveted choice among collectors.

NGC/PCGS MS67 Grade:

Authenticated by either NGC or PCGS with a Mint State 67 (MS67) grade, this $20 U.S. Gold Saint coin is certified to be in exceptional condition. The MS67 grade signifies a coin with minor imperfections that are visible only under close inspection, adding to its desirability among collectors who seek the highest standards of numismatic excellence.

Legal Tender and American Heritage:

With a denomination of $20 U.S. dollars, this gold coin not only stands as an esteemed collectible but also holds intrinsic value as legal tender. Owning this piece is not just an investment in precious metal; it’s a connection to the historical legacy of the United States, offering a tangible link to the nation’s numismatic heritage.

Ideal for Discerning Collectors:

Designed for the discerning collector, the $20 U.S. Gold Saint NGC/PCGS MS67 coin represents a pinnacle of excellence in numismatics. Its combination of historical significance, iconic design, and an outstanding MS67 grade make it a highly sought-after addition to any collection.

Elevate your numismatic portfolio with the $20 U.S. Gold Saint NGC/PCGS MS67 coin. Authenticated at the pinnacle of Mint State 67, this coin not only embodies the artistry of its era but also stands as a symbol of the highest standards in numismatic craftsmanship, making it a distinguished and valuable asset for collectors who appreciate the finest quality.