20000 REIS BRAZIL GOLD COIN .5286 agw


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  • IRA Eligible: No
  • Mint: Brazilian Mint
  • Design: The 20,000 Reis Brazil Gold Coin boasts a classic design with an effigy of the Brazilian Imperial coat of arms on the obverse, featuring a central shield adorned with various elements, including a Southern Cross constellation, a branch of coffee, and more. The reverse side displays the denomination, date, and surrounding floral patterns.
  • Mintage: Vintage gold coins like this typically have limited mintage, making them collectible for numismatists.
  • Metal Type: .917 fine gold (22-karat gold)
  • Weight: 0.5286 troy ounces (16.45 grams)

The 20,000 Reis Brazil Gold Coin is a piece of Brazilian numismatic history. Although not IRA eligible, it holds substantial historical and collector’s value. The coin’s design showcases the imperial coat of arms, emblematic of Brazil during the 19th century. These vintage coins are known for their limited mintage and the classic beauty that appeals to both coin collectors and those interested in Brazilian history and culture. With a gold purity of .917 and a weight of 0.5286 troy ounces, this coin combines the allure of gold with the richness of Brazil’s past.

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