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Embark on a journey into heraldic splendor with the 2018 1 oz Platinum Queen’s Beast Griffin—a majestic creation from the esteemed Royal Mint. This platinum coin is not just a precious metal investment; it’s a symbol of tradition, strength, and the enduring legacy of the British monarchy.

Key Features:

  • One Troy Ounce of Platinum: Each coin contains one troy ounce of pure platinum, providing a substantial foundation for investment and ensuring a valuable addition to your precious metals collection.
  • Queen’s Beast Series: As a part of the prestigious Queen’s Beast series, the Griffin design pays homage to the heraldic symbols that have graced the history of the British monarchy.
  • Majestic Griffin Design: The reverse of the coin features the majestic Griffin, a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. Symbolizing courage and guardianship, the Griffin design adds a touch of mythology to your investment.
  • 99.95% Platinum Purity: Crafted with a platinum purity of 99.95%, this coin reflects the commitment to excellence and quality associated with the Royal Mint.
  • Legal Tender: Issued with a face value, this platinum coin holds legal tender status in the United Kingdom, combining the intrinsic value of platinum with the stability of government-backed currency.

Why Invest in the 2018 Platinum Queen’s Beast Griffin:

  • Mythical Symbolism: The Griffin, a creature steeped in mythology, symbolizes courage and protection. Owning the Queen’s Beast Griffin allows you to connect with the rich tapestry of heraldic symbols.
  • Limited Mintage: As part of a series, each coin has a limited mintage, enhancing its rarity and desirability among collectors and investors alike.
  • High Purity: The 99.95% platinum purity ensures not only the precious metal’s enduring value but also its status as a premium addition to any precious metals portfolio.
  • Numismatic Appeal: Beyond its bullion value, the Griffin design and limited mintage contribute to the numismatic appeal of this coin, making it a sought-after piece for collectors.

Elevate Your Collection with the 2018 Platinum Queen’s Beast Griffin:

The 2018 1 oz Platinum Queen’s Beast Griffin is more than a coin; it’s a symbol of mythology and strength. Whether you’re an investor or a collector, this platinum coin offers a unique and powerful addition to your portfolio.

Embrace the Mythical Heritage. Secure Your Investment with the Queen’s Beast Griffin. Invest in the majestic history of the British monarchy with this meticulously crafted platinum coin from the Royal Mint. Acquire a symbol of courage and guardianship, and elevate your collection with the 2018 Platinum Queen’s Beast Griffin.

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