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2019 2 oz Silver Queen’s Beast – Falcon

Design and Features:

Embark on a majestic journey with the 2019 2 oz Silver Queen’s Beast – Falcon coin. This two-ounce silver coin, part of the esteemed Queen’s Beast series, showcases the powerful Falcon, symbolizing nobility and strength. A coveted addition for collectors and enthusiasts appreciative of heraldic artistry.

Key Features:

  • Contains 2 troy ounces of .9999 fine silver.
  • Showcases the majestic Falcon design.
  • Struck by the Royal Mint, renowned for quality and tradition.

Royal Mint Craftsmanship:

Crafted by the prestigious Royal Mint, the 2019 2 oz Silver Queen’s Beast – Falcon reflects the mint’s commitment to precision and excellence. With a heritage spanning centuries, the Royal Mint ensures that each coin in the Queen’s Beast series is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and regal artistry.

.9999 Fine Silver Composition:

This silver coin is composed of .9999 fine silver, denoting an exceptionally high level of purity and intrinsic value. With a weight of 2 troy ounces, it combines substantial weight with the intricate design, making it a distinguished addition to any precious metals or Queen’s Beast collection.

Majestic Falcon Design:

The obverse of the coin features the majestic Falcon, depicted with regal authority. The reverse includes the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, surrounded by inscriptions indicating the coin’s denomination and year of issue. The design pays homage to the heraldic lineage of the British monarchy, capturing the strength and nobility of the Falcon.

Ideal for Collectors and Heraldry Enthusiasts:

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or someone captivated by the rich symbolism of British heraldry, the 2019 2 oz Silver Queen’s Beast – Falcon is an ideal choice. Its connection to the Queen’s Beast series, coupled with the craftsmanship of the Royal Mint, makes it a valuable and visually striking addition to any collection.

Numismatic Splendor:

Embrace numismatic splendor with the 2019 2 oz Silver Queen’s Beast – Falcon coin. Add this meticulously crafted silver piece to your collection, appreciating not only its intrinsic value but also the heraldic significance and artistry it represents. Whether you’re a dedicated collector or an admirer of regal symbolism, this Falcon coin is a distinguished and valuable asset in the world of numismatics.

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