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Experience the grandeur and significance of royal heraldry with the 2020 10 oz Silver Queen’s Beast Yale of Beaufort. This impressive silver coin, part of the esteemed Queen’s Beast series, pays homage to the mythical yale, a creature steeped in symbolism and history.

Key Features:

  • Ten Troy Ounces of Silver: This coin boasts a substantial ten troy ounces of .9999 fine silver, making it a weighty and substantial addition to any precious metals collection.
  • Queen’s Beast Series Continuation: As part of the Queen’s Beast series, this coin contributes to the legacy of heraldic beasts associated with the British monarchy. The yale of Beaufort is a mythical creature known for its unique characteristics.
  • Yale of Beaufort Design: The obverse features a stunning depiction of the yale, showcasing its distinctive features. The intricate details in the design bring the mythical creature to life, offering a captivating and visually appealing numismatic piece.
  • Legal Tender: Issued with a face value, the coin holds legal tender status in the United Kingdom, blending historical significance with the stability of government-backed currency.

Why Collect the Queen’s Beast Yale of Beaufort:

  • Mythical Rarity: The yale is a mythical creature not often depicted on coins, adding a sense of rarity and uniqueness to this coin. Collectors seeking distinctive and less-common designs find the Yale of Beaufort especially appealing.
  • Series Completeness: Collectors often appreciate coins that are part of a series for the sense of completeness and narrative they bring to a collection. The Queen’s Beast series, including the Yale of Beaufort, offers this continuity.
  • High Silver Purity: With a silver purity of .9999 fine silver, this coin exemplifies the Royal Mint’s commitment to producing coins of exceptional quality and purity.
  • Limited Mintage: Coins from the Queen’s Beast series often have limited mintage, enhancing their collectibility and potential future value.

Experience Mythical Majesty. Collect the Queen’s Beast Yale of Beaufort:

The 2020 10 oz Silver Queen’s Beast Yale of Beaufort invites you to experience the mythical majesty of the yale. Whether you appreciate heraldic symbolism or seek a unique and substantial addition to your collection, this silver coin is a distinguished and meaningful choice.

Capture the Rarity. Collect the Queen’s Beast Yale of Beaufort. Secure your piece of mythical history with the 2020 British Silver Queen’s Beast Yale of Beaufort. Embrace the symbolism and beauty of this legendary creature, adding a touch of regal rarity to your precious metals portfolio.

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