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Embark on a journey through American numismatic history with the 2021 1 oz American Gold Eagle Type 1 Reverse. Struck by the United States Mint, this iconic gold coin features the classic design of Lady Liberty on the obverse and a majestic eagle soaring above a nest on the reverse. Composed of 1 troy ounce of 22-karat gold, this coin is a symbol of American strength and freedom.

Design and Features:

The 2021 1 oz American Gold Eagle Type 1 Reverse proudly showcases the timeless Saint-Gaudens design on the obverse, portraying Lady Liberty with an olive branch and torch. The reverse features a powerful eagle in flight above a nest, designed by Miley Busiek. These enduring symbols encapsulate the principles and resilience of the United States.

Key Features:

  • Contains 1 troy ounce of 22-karat gold.
  • Features the classic Saint-Gaudens design on the obverse.
  • Reverse design depicts a soaring eagle above a nest, by Miley Busiek.
  • Legal tender with a face value.
  • Ideal for collectors and investors appreciating the historic significance of American coinage.

High-Quality 22-Karat Gold Composition:

Crafted from 1 troy ounce of 22-karat gold (91.67% pure), the 2021 Gold Eagle reflects a commitment to high-quality standards. The addition of copper in the alloy not only enhances durability but also imparts a warm hue to the coin, contributing to its distinctive appearance.

Iconic Saint-Gaudens Design:

The obverse design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens is a masterpiece that has graced American coinage for over a century. Lady Liberty’s dignified and timeless portrayal adds a touch of historical significance to the Gold Eagle, making it a coveted piece among collectors.

Majestic Eagle Reverse Design:

The reverse design, featuring a soaring eagle above a nest, symbolizes the strength and freedom associated with the American spirit. Miley Busiek’s artwork complements the classic obverse, creating a harmonious representation of the nation’s values.

Legal Tender Status:

Issued as legal tender in the United States, the 2021 1 oz Gold Eagle carries a face value, bridging its numismatic and monetary attributes. This legal tender status enhances its appeal for collectors and investors alike.

Ideal for Collectors and Investors:

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or an investor seeking a piece of American numismatic history, the 2021 1 oz Gold Eagle Type 1 Reverse is an ideal addition to your portfolio. Its classic design, substantial gold content, and legal tender status make it a versatile and valuable piece for any precious metals collection.

Numismatic and Historic Significance:

The 2021 1 oz American Gold Eagle Type 1 Reverse not only represents a significant investment in gold but also holds numismatic and historic value. The combination of iconic designs and legal tender status contributes to its enduring appeal.

Celebrate the enduring spirit of the United States with the 2021 1 oz American Gold Eagle Type 1 Reverse. Whether you’re captivated by its classic imagery or seeking a sound investment, this coin stands as a testament to the artistic legacy and enduring values of the nation.

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