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2023 Kilo Silver Steampunk Jet Pack

Design: Embark on an imaginative adventure with the 2023 Kilo Silver Steampunk Jet Pack, a tribute to the fascinating world of steampunk aesthetics. This oversized silver coin, weighing one kilogram of .999 fine silver, combines the allure of speculative fiction with the intrinsic value of precious metals.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains 1 kilogram (32.15 oz) of .999 fine silver.
  • Unique steampunk jet pack design.
  • Limited mintage, adding to its collectible appeal.
  • Legal tender with a face value backed by the issuing country.

Obverse: The obverse features the traditional effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by inscriptions denoting the queen’s name, the issuing country, and the face value.

Reverse: The reverse showcases a captivating steampunk jet pack, intricately designed with gears, cogs, and other elements characteristic of the steampunk genre. The oversized kilo format allows for a detailed and immersive representation of this imaginative creation.

Legal Tender: Issued as legal tender, the coin holds a face value backed by the sovereign government, reaffirming its authenticity and recognition.

Presentation: Your 2023 Kilo Silver Steampunk Jet Pack is securely packaged, ensuring its preservation and quality. Whether you are a collector of unique and artistic silver pieces or an investor seeking an extraordinary addition to your precious metals holdings, this kilo coin is a standout choice.

Imaginative Collectible: Step into the world of creativity and imagination with the 2023 Kilo Silver Steampunk Jet Pack. Limited in mintage and featuring a design that bridges the realms of fantasy and precious metals, this oversized silver coin is not just a tangible asset but also a testament to the boundless possibilities of numismatic art. Secure your piece of steampunk inspiration today.

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