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Distinctive Beauty: 30 Gram Chinese Gold Panda – Encased in Plastic

Design and Features:

Discover the distinctive beauty of the 30 Gram Chinese Gold Panda, elegantly presented and encased in protective plastic. This gold coin, weighing 30 grams, exemplifies the artistry and craftsmanship synonymous with the renowned Chinese Gold Panda series.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 30 grams of fine gold.
  • Features the iconic Chinese Gold Panda design.
  • Encased in protective plastic for preservation.
  • Legal tender with a face value.
  • Represents a sought-after addition to any precious metal collection.

Chinese Gold Panda Design:

The obverse of the coin showcases the beloved Chinese Gold Panda design, a testament to China’s rich cultural heritage. The design typically features a depiction of a panda, an iconic symbol of Chinese wildlife, portrayed in a charming and lifelike manner, adding both aesthetic appeal and cultural significance to the coin.

30 Grams of Fine Gold:

Crafted from 30 grams of fine gold, this coin reflects a commitment to both quality and purity. The substantial gold content not only contributes to its intrinsic value but also ensures a substantial and lustrous addition to your precious metal holdings.

Encased in Protective Plastic:

Preserving the coin’s immaculate condition, it comes encased in protective plastic. This ensures that the coin remains shielded from potential environmental elements, maintaining its pristine appearance and protecting its numismatic value over time.

Legal Tender with Face Value:

As legal tender in China, the coin carries an official face value. While the face value may not necessarily reflect the coin’s market value, it adds a unique dimension to its appeal, making it a versatile addition for both collectors and investors.

Ideal for Collectors and Investors:

The 30 Gram Chinese Gold Panda, encased in protective plastic, is an ideal addition to the collections of both seasoned numismatists and investors alike. Whether you appreciate the exquisite design or seek a valuable investment in precious metals, this coin embodies the quality and beauty for which the Chinese Gold Panda series is renowned.

Distinctive Beauty Preserved:

Experience the distinctive beauty of the 30 Gram Chinese Gold Panda, encased in protective plastic. Add this meticulously crafted and protected gold coin to your collection, appreciating not only its intrinsic value but also the iconic Chinese design that makes it a sought-after treasure in the world of precious metals. Whether you’re a collector or an investor, this coin stands as a shining example of China’s rich numismatic tradition.

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Weight 30 oz