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Step back in time with the American Silver Morgan Dollar BU, a classic piece of numismatic history brought to life in brilliant uncirculated condition. Struck in 90% silver, this iconic coin is a symbol of the American frontier and the prosperity of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or an investor in precious metals, the Morgan Dollar is a timeless and historic addition to your portfolio.

Design and Features:

Experience the elegance and craftsmanship of the American Silver Morgan Dollar BU. This coin features:

  • A stunning depiction of Lady Liberty on the obverse, with her flowing hair, a Phrygian cap, and the word “Liberty” inscribed.
  • The majestic eagle holding arrows and an olive branch on the reverse, accompanied by the inscriptions “United States of America,” “One Dollar,” and the mint mark, if applicable.
  • Struck in 90% silver and 10% copper, reflecting the historical composition of these coins.

Key Features:

  • Contains 90% silver, making it a valuable piece of America’s silver coinage history.
  • Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition, showcasing the original luster and details of the coin.
  • Legal tender with a face value of one dollar.
  • Ideal for both collectors and investors seeking a tangible piece of America’s past.

Morgan Dollar Legacy:

The Morgan Dollar, first minted in 1878, holds a special place in American numismatic history. It was struck during a time of economic expansion and westward expansion, symbolizing the optimism and prosperity of the era. The coin takes its name from its designer, George T. Morgan.

Collectible Numismatic Heritage:

Whether you’re fascinated by American history, numismatics, or precious metals, the American Silver Morgan Dollar BU is a must-have in your collection. Acquire this piece of numismatic heritage and hold a tangible connection to the economic and cultural legacy of the late 1800s and early 1900s.