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Molon Labe Lot of 100: 1 oz Copper Rounds – Multiplying the Spirit of Defiance

Design and Features:

Introducing the Molon Labe Lot of 100, a grand collection of 1 oz Copper Rounds embodying the iconic phrase “Molon Labe.” Meticulously crafted, each copper round features a design symbolizing defiance and courage in the face of adversity. Weighing 1 avoirdupois ounce each, this impressive lot of one hundred rounds stands as a powerful representation of the unwavering spirit of those who stand firm in their principles.

Key Features:

  • Each round weighs 1 avoirdupois ounce of pure copper.
  • Meticulously crafted, showcasing the Molon Labe design on each round.
  • Ideal for collectors devoted to the principles of defiance and courage.
  • A striking and symbolic collection of one hundred copper rounds.

Molon Labe Design:

The obverse of each copper round proudly displays the Molon Labe design, featuring the powerful expression of defiance often associated with the ancient phrase. The details of the design are meticulously replicated on each round, creating a uniform representation of the historical and enduring spirit of those who refuse to surrender their freedom. This collection serves as a constant reminder of the commitment to individual liberty.

High-Quality Copper Composition:

Crafted from 1 avoirdupois ounce of pure copper each, these rounds reflect a commitment to high-quality standards. The details of the Molon Labe design are meticulously brought to life with precision, creating visually striking and finely-detailed pieces. The warm and gleaming copper composition adds authenticity to the representation of defiance, making it a distinguished and visually appealing addition to any collection.

Ideal for Collectors:

The Molon Labe Lot of 100 1 oz Copper Rounds is an ideal addition to any collector’s portfolio, especially for those passionate about preserving the principles of defiance and courage. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to numismatics, this collection offers a chance to own one hundred pieces that resonate with the enduring values of freedom and the refusal to compromise.

Numismatic Defiance in Abundance:

Immerse yourself in the numismatic defiance with the Molon Labe Lot of 100 1 oz Copper Rounds. Add this bold and symbolically powerful collection to your portfolio, appreciating not only its intrinsic value as pure copper rounds but also the historical significance and enduring message it carries. Whether displayed prominently or shared among fellow collectors, this lot is a timeless and impactful addition to your precious metal holdings.

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