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Step into the realm of historical defiance and symbolism with the 1 oz Copper Round Molon Labe, a powerful piece that echoes the spirit of resistance and determination. This copper round features a design inspired by the iconic phrase “Molon Labe,” offering a unique and meaningful addition to your alternative bullion collection.

Design and Features:

  1. One Ounce of Pure Copper: This copper round proudly weighs one ounce and is composed of pure copper, providing a cost-effective way to add depth and meaning to your bullion collection.
  2. Molon Labe Design: The obverse of the round features the phrase “Molon Labe,” translated as “Come and take them.” This rallying cry reflects a spirit of defiance and resistance against overwhelming odds, making this copper round a powerful and symbolic addition.
  3. Intricate Detailing: The coin’s design is characterized by intricate detailing, capturing the boldness and strength associated with the historical phrase “Molon Labe.”
  4. Numismatic Appeal: Ideal for collectors who appreciate bullion with historical and symbolic significance, the 1 oz Copper Round Molon Labe represents a unique and limited addition to numismatic portfolios.

Historical Significance:

The phrase “Molon Labe” is rooted in history, attributed to King Leonidas I of Sparta during the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. It has since become a symbol of defiance and resistance against tyranny, making it a powerful and timeless expression of courage.

Affordable Bullion with Symbolic Value:

Copper rounds offer an economical way to diversify your bullion holdings, and the 1 oz Copper Round Molon Labe combines this affordability with a deeply symbolic design that resonates with history and principles of freedom.

Versatile Collectible:

Whether you’re a collector of alternative bullion seeking pieces with historical and meaningful designs or someone inspired by the spirit of resistance, the 1 oz Copper Round Molon Labe offers versatility in its appeal. It’s a piece that encapsulates the enduring spirit of those who stand against oppression.

Secure this copper round to add a unique and powerful dimension to your bullion collection, all while embracing the affordability and accessibility of copper as a precious metal.

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