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IRA Eligible: Yes

Mint: Argor-Heraeus

Design: Discover the exquisite beauty of the 1 oz Gold Bar by Argor-Heraeus—a symbol of precision and elegance. This gold bar boasts a classic design, with the obverse side proudly displaying the weight, purity, and the iconic Argor-Heraeus logo. The reverse side features a sleek, minimalist pattern, adding a touch of sophistication to this finely crafted piece.

Mintage: Crafted by the esteemed Argor-Heraeus mint, these 1 oz gold bars stand as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. With limited mintage, each bar represents a unique and exclusive investment opportunity for both collectors and investors.

Metal Type: Invest with confidence in the .9999 fine gold (99.99% pure) that defines this exceptional bar—a guarantee of purity and enduring value.

Weight: At a modest 1 troy ounce, this gold bar is a perfect entry point for those seeking the timeless allure of gold in a compact and valuable form.

The 1 oz Gold Bar by Argor-Heraeus is a harmonious blend of tradition and sophistication. Its IRA-eligible status adds an extra layer of appeal for strategic investors. Crafted by the prestigious Argor-Heraeus mint, this gold bar not only represents exceptional quality but also offers a rare and exclusive investment opportunity. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time gold investor, this 1 oz gold bar is a refined addition, seamlessly marrying the intrinsic beauty of gold with the assurance of tangible assets.

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