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$2.5 U.S. Gold Indian LP

Mint: United States Mint

Design: The $2.5 U.S. Gold Indian LP, crafted by the United States Mint, is a captivating representation of American numismatic artistry. The obverse showcases a dignified Native American chief adorned in a full headdress, symbolizing the nation’s cultural diversity. On the reverse, a majestic eagle is depicted alongside a bundle of arrows and an olive branch, embodying strength and peace.

Mintage: Produced by the United States Mint, the $2.5 U.S. Gold Indian LP carries a distinguished mintage, making it a prized and historically significant addition for both collectors and enthusiasts of American coinage.

Metal Type: Composed of 90% gold and 10% copper, adhering to the traditional composition of U.S. gold coins, the $2.5 Gold Indian LP contains a net weight of 0.12094 troy ounces of pure gold.

The $2.5 U.S. Gold Indian LP transcends its monetary value, embodying the cultural and historical richness of the United States. Minted by the esteemed United States Mint, this coin is a testament to the artistic vision that has defined American coinage. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or an investor seeking a piece of American numismatic heritage, the $2.5 U.S. Gold Indian LP is a distinguished choice, combining artistry, history, and precious metal value in a single, timeless coin.

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0.1209 oz