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Mint: United States Mint

Design: Explore the history and beauty of the $5 U.S. Gold Indian XF—a numismatic treasure hailing from the United States Mint. Minted from 1908 to 1929, this gold coin features a captivating design by sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt. The obverse side showcases a Native American chief adorned with a full headdress, a departure from traditional coin designs. The reverse side features a majestic eagle perched on a bundle of arrows and an olive branch, symbolizing both war and peace.

Condition: Graded as XF (Extra Fine), this $5 U.S. Gold Indian coin exhibits clear details with minimal wear, making it a prized piece for collectors and investors alike.

Metal Type: .900 fine gold (90% pure)

Weight: 0.2419 troy ounce

The $5 U.S. Gold Indian XF is a captivating piece of American history and artistry. Struck with .900 fine gold, this coin embodies a unique chapter in numismatic design. Graded as XF, it maintains its historical allure while showcasing clear details. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or an investor with an appreciation for rare and historic coins, the $5 U.S. Gold Indian XF is a remarkable addition to any precious metals portfolio.

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0.2419 oz